About ichigo

Our Story

Crepes are, of course, traditionally a French Food.  This style of crepes came to Tokyo in 1977 at the Shibuya neighborhood in the Harajuku area.  Our owner grew up in Tokyo, and took the Japanese fusion of crepes and street foods as a matter of course.  She was shocked when this food which is so commonplace in Japan was not available in the Twin Cities!  Now Ichigo Tokyo Crepes brings these wonderful global blends of Eastern and Western flavors to you.

What are "Tokyo Style Crepes?"

Tokyo Style Crepes = Japanese artisan crepes. We serve both sweet and savory crepes.  Savory crepes are suitable for a snack or meal. Sweet crepes are delicious treats that you can enjoy anytime, from breakfast to evening.

What does Ichigo mean???

Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese!  It is written as  in the kanji alphabet.